An Ideal Beginning with "Ideale", the first Espresso Coffee Machine

La Pavoni Spa was founded in Milan in 1905 thanks to Desiderio Pavoni in a little workshop at Via Parini. His first invention was patented by Luigi Bezzera, on 1st September 1902, duly registered at the Milan State office on 19th September 1903, and gave life to the first espresso coffee machine for bar called "Ideale.

Bar 2L

Bar 2L

Through the years, the espresso machines have evolved, but one thing doesn’t, that is the quality of the espresso made by a lever machine. Shot after shot of perfect espresso can be made with this stylishly beautiful machine which will complement any high end cafe, restaurant or lobby bar. Simple and elegant with it’s hydro-mechanical movements. No circuit boards in this machine means a very robust machine especially for Myanmar. This is also known as the “Rolls Royce” of coffee machines.

There are many more models available, please refer to the catalogue below for more information.


La Pavoni Catalogue


La Pavoni Bar 2L Manual

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