Cafe Essentials


As the innovative leader in the specialty beverage category, Dr. Smoothie Brands broke new ground in 1997 with the introduction of the shelf stable fruit smoothie concentrate with no artificial ingredients.

In 2001, maintaining the company mantra that “everything we do has a healthy twist” Cafe Essentials introduced a frappe line with 15% to 25% less sugar and up to 50% less fat than the competition.

In 2003 we introduced 100% Crushed, a 100% fruit smoothie meeting the “Five a Day” daily fruit recommendation per 20 oz.

Innovation continued in 2009 when the entire Cafe Essentials frappe and hot beverage Program featured NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners & NO artificial colors, While continuing with less fat and sugar.

Excess calorie content is on everyone’s mind, so Dr. Smoothie Brands developed FIT-LYTE, a 35% to 55% reduced calorie smoothie with stevia, white tea, and coconut water.

And more is on the way, we promise…


Artisan Craftsmanship

Commitment. Integrity. Pride. Passion. Experience.

Have you ever wondered why Dr. Smoothie Brands products taste so good, so authentic, so true to nature? It’s because “it’s personal.”

Dr. Smoothie Brands Artisan crafts beverages that reflects his own personal experience from childhood, world travel and his own sense of value. Even the most “normal” flavor becomes an opportunity; a blank canvas to create a masterpiece.

The passion for perfection shows in our award winning taste profiles that really are much different from the competition. Think of a master wine vintner creating the perfect wine in that perfect year…That is the Dr. Smoothie Artisan. Read our taste profiles, try our products and taste for yourself the difference Artisan Craftsmanship makes.

“For me, the best work is passionate, fresh, well designed and well Executed-the perfect balance of art and craft.”  Judy Villett


Why choose Dr. Smoothie Brands? To successfully compete in business today, you need cost-effective solutions from a trendsetting company, with unmatched flavor profiles and the marketing to back it. Why risk your investment, hard work, and repeat customer business with anything less? Read why thousands of companies worldwide choose Dr. Smoothie Brands as their trusted partner.

Increase Your Business. When you use Dr. Smoothie Brands products you can expect an increase in business. Customers want a healthy product that tastes authentic.

Focus & Commitment. We have one owner with one commitment: To create fantastic products in the healthy beverage category. All of our products have a healthy twist to them.

Great Service. We ship fast and keep product in stock. Our commitment to great service proves we are here to help you succeed.

Authentic Taste. Do a taste comparison and see for yourself that Dr. Smoothie is the only company that gives you the authentic taste of the fruit…not a ton of sugar and flavor, no chemical taste, no overcooked taste, just the authentic taste of the FRUIT.

Dr. Smoothie Owns Its Own Custom Designed Factory: That was built from the ground up and spends years training its select, passionate Artisans. This makes a huge difference.

We Are the Manufacturer: Most brands are just marketing companies using co-packers. Their taste profiles are at the whim of whoever is working at the co-packer line that day.

Cost Effective: Why pay more? Dr. Smoothie Brands has the top taste profiles and is priced right.

Quality: Everyone says it, but have you tasted our products? Our taste profiles are the gold standard in the industry exhibiting the vine-ripened true fruit taste your customers expect and deserve.

World Class Marketing: We have hundreds of printed and downloadable POS to use as-is or have customized. Innovative, beautiful, cutting-edge marketing that inspires customers to buy products. Plus, taste profiles that get you the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and more visits…isn’t that something you want for your business?

Our Values: Dr. Smoothie believes in helping those less fortunate, promoting healthy lifestyles, conserving vital Resources, and making unique healthy products. We hope you share our vision. Enjoy!

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